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Contact Lenses

We specialise in contact lenses and we aim to be able to supply lenses to most people. Contact lenses come in various modalities - daily disposable, monthly disposable, spherical correction, toric correction, myopia management and even multifocals. Our passion for fitting contact lenses goes a long way and we feel that everyone should be able to get that time off from glasses and still be able to see.  

Contact lenses are also not just for adults! How many times has your child come home from a sports match or gymnastics or some form of activity with their glasses in two pieces!? Too many we are sure – so why not consider getting them fitted with contact lenses for part time wear? Daily disposable lenses are available in such a vast range of prescriptions, they are safer for children to start at an early age and we have dedicated members of our team who will patiently teach them how to put them in and take them out safely and the correct way to care for them.

The new generations of contact lenses allow great comfort and stable vision throughout your wear; there are many brands of lenses that we can try to find your perfect match.  We fit lenses from Johnson and Johnson, Coopervision, Alcon, Bauch and Lomb and many others.  

Drop in and have a chat about yours or your families visual needs, if we feel you are suitable we can book you a dedicated fitting appointment to get the process started.

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