Involving the perfect interaction of design, innovative manufacturing techniques, and high-tech materials, Silhouette has produced most likely the lightest-weight eyewear in the world. With their dynamically curving, super-elastic titanium temples, a feeling of delicacy is portrayed, while actually exhibiting extraordinary strength and flexibility. A hingeless design marks another unique trait for Silhouette, as it avoids the use of screws, keeping the integrity of its' flowing lines. Polycarbonate lenses for sunglasses are provided and correspond to the highest of quality requirements.

They are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and virtually break-proof, while offering 100% UV protection. Flash coatings in high-tech silver or gold provide excellent protection against strong sunlight as well as offering a futuristic look with striking impact. Innovative lens colours emphasize character, trendy colours of brown, green and blue give a look of cool understatement.

We also stock a range of their sunglasses.

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These are a couple of examples - we have far more Silhouette frames in store.