Our Frames & Lenses


What we'll do for you:
Our fully trained dispensing opticians are happy to talk through your options, advising you on various types of lenses and spectacle frames, including advice on style, weight and colour. We know how important it is to feel comfortable with your spectacles, which is why our fully qualified and fashion conscious dispensing opticians spend extra time and care on this important part of our service. We have a wide range of styles including frames that make a statement, traditional, designer and frames that are barely noticeable.

Once you have chosen the spectacle frames your prescription will be discussed to see which lenses will best meet your visual requirements. We supply a wide range of lenses from some of the top lens manufacturers including Seiko, Essilor and Rodenstock.

Although we offer a selection of some of the finest designer frames around, we also have a wide range of budget frames too, which you can see in store.

All of our dispensing opticians are extremely good with children, making them feel at ease about the idea of wearing glasses. With our many years of training and experience with children we try to make them feel like they are part of the process of choosing the glasses for themselves We believe that if the children play a part in the selection process they are more likely to feel comfortable wearing their specs. This makes the experience of coming to the opticians an enjoyable one.

Sport & safety goggles:
We also provide prescription sports safety goggles. Now days these are requested by schools for children who require there vision correction whilst participating in sports. Prescription swimming goggles are also available. Ask in store for details.


Our selection:
You can find our list of designer frames on the left - each page as a couple of examples. The next step is to come into the store, see them for yourself and try them on.

Special Offers

We often have special offers in store. Come in and see which top designer frames are discounted today!